If you want to have a peace of mind during your local move - you should hire someone who is professional, trained and experienced. Safety of your belongings is priceless. Not only will professional movers move your items, they also have the right equipment to take care of your belongings in the safest possible way. And also, local movers are not expensive.

Any moving company that suits your needs is good for you. Of course, you should check if your prefered moving company is licenced and insured. You should also feel confident about them from the first call, if you have a feeling that something is wrong, you might want to pass. You should always do your research before hiring any local movers.

Getting movers nowadays is quite simple, you can just type on Google ‘movers near me’ and you will get plenty of choices. After that you have to do your research, call and ask everything that you want to know. Don’t stop after just one moving company, call at least 3. Don’t forget to ask if your local movers are insured, licenced and what is included in the rate they are providing you with.

This is something that depends from a moving company and their policy. It is always recommended to call specialized movers whenever you have something extraordinary, such as a pool table, piano etc. The items that are extraordinary are usually expensive and valuable. You don’t want to risk it. Always ask your local movers what they recommend when it comes to exceptional items.

Whether you packed your smaller items in suitcases, bins or bags, your local movers will move them for you. Your trusted local movers understand that moving is expensive and that you don’t want to spare your money on moving boxes when you have dozens of plastic bins in your garage. Those are convenient to use for packing. But if you are not sure about any item, check with your local movers if they can move those.

Hourly rate depends on lots of things when it comes to local movers. Some moving companies might charge more for moves during the weekend and offer a discounted rate for moving on weekdays. Some movers might charge more during the moving season, which starts in April and lasts until October. It is not all about the rate, you always have to consider what is included in that rate.

If you are hiring licenced movers, they are insured. So even if they break something, they will follow certain procedures to find the best solution for you. In Vista Movers, we have professional customer care representatives that will work with you to help in resolving the issue.

Movers that are licenced are insured. If you ask your local movers, they have to tell you whether they are insured or not. If not, you should pass that company. You don’t want to think about the safety of your items during the whole move. Peace of mind is the reason why you are hiring a moving company.

As soon as you know that you need to move, you should book your local movers. Especially if you have a certain date in mind, you don’t want your moving company to lose the availability. Sometimes, prices might go up with moving companies if they depend on their availability.

This is the most usual question that our sales representatives get. Tipping your local movers is the same as when you go to the restaurant and tip the waiter. If you are satisfied with the service, you will leave them a tip. The amount depends only on you. With every licenced moving company, movers are getting their paychecks, so they don’t depend on tips. Anyhow, it is nice to tip someone who just did an amazing service for you.