Packing services

We know packing is the most hated task of every move. You have to be extra careful not to break something, you have to plan ahead and you have to start packing your belongings weeks before your moving day.

Instead of living surrounded by boxes, let us do it for you in just one day. While we are performing packing service for you, you can relax and monitor the process. Our team is professional and trained for packing service.

Our professional packers have the experience of packing any kind of items. You won’t have to think if you properly packed your dishes, because you know we did! Not only will you save nerves, but you will save a lot of time that you can spend in preparing your new home for moving in. Our professional packers can do packing and moving in one day if the size of the move allows. For bigger houses or apartments we recommend packing in one day and moving the other day. Our sales agents will advise you what is safer and less stressful. No need to mention that insurance is included in our rate? Vista Movers don’t charge anything for packing assistance, we just recommend more movers in order to finish your move faster and safer. The only thing that is not included in the price are packing boxes. If you already bought some boxes and changed your mind meanwhile – don’t worry, we can use them free of charge. If you decide to buy our packing material, we can assure you that we are using premium quality packing material in order to transport your belongings to your new home in one piece.

Let us take care of you and your move and provide you with a full service, you deserved it!