Storage in and out

Throughout the years we performed so many moves, so moving you from or to a storage unit is something we are experienced in. After finding a perfect storage unit, you have to find a perfect moving company to move your belongings there.

There is a slight difference between moving to and out of storage units, but one thing never changes – our all inclusive rates! We don’t charge anything extra for mileage, fuel, gas, handling stairs or heavy items.

Your move will be charged from the moment it starts, nothing before that, not even for the time we need to get to your location or go back. When it comes to moving to a storage unit, our professional team of movers will provide you with service of disassembling and wrapping up your furniture. Our sales representatives will advise you to purchase some moving blankets for extra protection since we are using plastic wrap for storage units. We will do our best to maximise the usage of your storage space and fit everything there.

Moving from a storage unit includes service of assembling back your items and placing them to the right room. If your items need to be protected with plastic wrap and moving blankets, you can count on that as well. You can count on us! We will perform your storage unit move in the safest possible way.